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PT. Java Smartindo believes that employees are an important asset for the company. By having quality human resources, the best service will be created.

For this reason, we are committed to continuously improving the quality of our human resources, starting from a selective recruitment process, also regularly and periodically providing various trainings, as well as rewards for best achievements.

With the rewards for achievements, we believe that employees will continue to compete positively, so that they can provide the best service, which in turn brings progress for the company.

  • The SLA (Service Level Agreement) speed rate that we provide is a maximum of 5 working days; starting from the claim file received, the recording process, the analysis process, to the submission of files and documents to the client for payment.

  • We always provide the best team work to clients, with a high level of work accuracy in the process of recording and analyzing claims

  • We are willing to bear a portion of the burden for our mistakes, because we are committed to maintaining the best accuracy for the benefit of our clients.

  • Payment of "Management Fee" which is not burdensome to clients, and can be done in stages

  • The number of participants managed by us is currently more than 200,000 participants; that number continues to grow

  • The types of products we manage are outpatient and inpatient

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